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Database Design


At CPL Online we believe in investing time in the architecture of your database to ensure optimal performance.

Our company utilises enterprise-level database solutions, so whether you need to manage people, products, or anything at all; we can create the database you need for your business.

Our programmers will input your data in a way that supports the processes required of the data, so you will be able to find specific information within your business instantaneously. Plus all of your company’s data is stored securely in our server, ensuring you that your database is backed up and can be recovered.

Case Study

"Giving control of training back to the managers our e-learning platform and payroll integration tool are saving the company, whose sites include the Gusto restaurant chain, valuable time and money and at the same time are standardising their training. We have also built the company a pass rate table statistics tool, showing the pass rates of each course across every site as a percentage – this information is then used to identify their best site for their annual awards." - Living Ventures


Demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to your employer by developing your customer service and bar maintenance skills.