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Expansion Continuation

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Spring is almost upon us, and the Units are blossoming under the chill March sunshine, which the employees of CPL Online peek at through their new vertical blinds - like baby lambs anticipating the first shoots of grass.

Everyone at CPL Online has now settled in Unit 2 since the move; however the builders have now entered their final phase of the expansion: the fitting of Unit 1. Hammering, sawing and general smashing rebounds noisily through Bridge Court, disturbing the peace. But the Online team are dealing with the disturbance very well, for they know in the next month or so the expansion project will be finished, thus benefiting the company massively by providing more creative space and exciting new features.

The cafeteria (aka “Dash ‘n’ Dine”) that is part of Unit 2 will be extended into Unit 1, making it twice as big. A green screen is also expected to occupy Unit 1, were all company videos will be produced professionally in-house. The Front Unit, were CPL Online originally occupied, is being re-furbished along with Unit 1 to be our client-facing building, which will contain a theatre where our online products and services can be demonstrated to clients.

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